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organizational policy

Jomaneh Co. as one of the most reputable Biscuit manufacturers in Iran, while understanding and honoring the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, and in pursuing its goal of satisfying customers and achieving the goals set with the observance of the legal requirements and regulations by establishing The ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, the HACCP Food Safety System, ISO 22000: 2018, pledges to meet the commitments and continually improve service quality.


1. Increase customer satisfaction through the planned production and use of up-to-date equipment
2. Improve the quality of products tailored to the needs and demands of customers and complying with national legal requirements, along with reducing waste.
3- Prevention of the disease by reducing the risk of food intake
4- Establishing a system of suggestions and raising the level of awareness of the company’s employees in terms of improving the quality and safety of their work and ensuring their authority.
5. Continuous improvement of all processes of the organization with a comprehensive attitude

I am committed to implementing this policy and continue to improve its effectiveness as chief executive officer, reviewing this document, when necessary and in cooperation with the management representative, and striving for all of our committed, creative and persistent contributors to realization. Objectives I ask for.

          Managing Director                  

                Sa’id Ansari