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Ansari Food Industry was established in 1973 by Hajj Khalil Ansari and was founded by producing healthy and delicious food products combining barley flour with Mulberry nectar Such as Barley Biscuits, Barley Cakes, and Barley Cookies.

Since his most important motivation was to produce a healthy product and improve the nutritional status of the community at that time, the production of barley and traditional cookies cooked with barley flour and mulberry nectar, with natural and healthy properties, was carried out at the JOMANEH Workshop on the Karaj-Chalus road A completely traditional shape began.

As the workshop became more familiar with the customers and consumers, producing, distributing and sending traditional barley bread and traditional barley biscuits, it boomed around the country with the brand name JOMANEH.

In 1996, a huge development took place with the registration of the “Ansari Food Industry” business, and the production lines for biscuits and muffins were launched industrially, and giant products were massively manufactured and marketed.

Also, with the construction of Unit 2 of the factory located in Baharestan industrial park in Alborz province, the standard brand of the first producer of barley biscuits with Mulberry in Iran was granted to Ansari food industry and Jomaneh brand.

With the expansion of Ansari’s food industry and the impressive customer satisfaction, the UTAAB brand was registered with the slogan “UTAAB: A Pure Taste”.By producing and distributing vitamins, healthy and valuable products have unique and unique flavors. start to work.

In recent years, in line with the company’s high goals, namely customer satisfaction and achievement of predetermined goals, it has become more reliable than obtaining credible global certificates and updating new and valuable systems such as ISO 2000:2018 and ISO 9001:2015

quality management, which has led to continuous improvement in quality.

Now, over forty years since the beginning of the Ansari food industry and four decades of continuous effort, the ideas and aspirations of this great collection have been kept alive and pursued by the children of the advocates of the Ansari family.